A third of Europeans to have access by 2003

Almost 100m Europeans are expected to own a mobile phone by then and 30% of all internet users will use them to access the Internet. The survey revealed similar trends throughout Europe with users in all countries citing web search engines, branded sites and email as their main interests. Differences also emerged. Germans are twice … [Read more…]

Group to speed in-home networks

announced plans to develop standards to facilitate high-speed in-home networks using existing phone lines. The new group, which calls itself the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance, differs from other home-focused networking efforts in that it intends to create products to connect devices already within a home, rather than finding ways to bring high-speed lines from outside. … [Read more…]

Building community on TubeHell

Offering a chat forum, news on travel, daily London news, games and a commuter happiness index, Tubehell.com also plans to renovate tube travel by lobbying national government and local government for improvements – currently, there is an online petition urging; “John two jags Prescott” to travel on the underground for a week. Founder Samir Satchua,formerly … [Read more…]

Gameplay partnership with shopping portal

Lisa Curran, partnership manager at myTAXI said “myTAXI is more than simply a shopping directory and Gameplay’s high level of gaming editorial complements it perfectly.”

Home networking set to take off

multiple PCs and devices within homes will reap a $4 billion market reward by the year 2002, according to a new study by a West Coast securities firm. This latest prediction, issued in a recent report by Los Angeles-based Wedbush Morgan Securities, underscores the increased focus from several corners of the industry on making it … [Read more…]

CTC chooses Mirapoint

Communications Corp. has selected its Internet messaging platform for the deployment of the service provider’s unified messaging service offering. CTC began the first-phase deployment of its convergent Internet-based e-mail, fax, voice and video services in December ’99.

Security issues deter shoppers

Less than one third of the 15m British internet users have purchased online. Fifty percent of interviewees were unhappy at the prospect of using their credit card for internet shopping and only 18% would trust online vendors with their credit card details. The survey found the British keen to research travel, books, CDs and computer … [Read more…]

efax comes to UK

Rudy Prince, CEO, says eFax has concentrated on promoting its free-to-receive service, unlike the market’s main provider J-fax.com. The service allows users to receive both faxes and voicemail messages as email, free of charge. Users are given a UK phone number, hosted by eFax.com, which receives the fax or voicemail message before automatically converting it … [Read more…]

Jupiter Communications Initiates Efforts in Latin America With New Research Services, Industry Forum

Jupiter Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: JPTR), the worldwide authority on Internet commerce, today announced the company’s expansion into Latin America, with the launch of a new research service, a version of the company’s renowned Internet Commerce Forum for the market in Latin America, exclusive access to the region’s most prominent consumer research panel, and the establishment … [Read more…]